Lifeline (Poem)

Secured by the cord around your waist
You’re safe for a while, though rather fazed
You now have two choices left to try
Pull yourself up or let go and die

Bilang (Poem)

“Bones of my bones, flesh of my flesh”
Into all eternity, your lives are now meshed.
Love and friendship has brought you together;
A marriage centered on Jehovah will keep it strong forever.
Never give place to pride; turn the other cheek.
Guidance from Jehovah may you always seek.

Gifts in Men (Poem)

Deserving of praise are men we know
In deed and in word, love they do show
Numerous people had been helped by these brothers
Generous in giving aid to one another


It was pitch black. You couldn’t even see your own hands even when you raise them up in front of your face. Everything was quiet and still. There was only the darkness and the sound of the water splashing against the walls. There was nothing else to do but wait and pray.

Pretend (Poem)

I would have stopped breathing a long time ago
I would have given up if not for my Hero
He taught me to look up when I am so low
He gave me a boat and taught me to row

Lesson from Breakfast

The most disappointing thing happened. He flipped the egg over! I almost cried as I watched my dreams of pouring the yolk all over my fried rice come crashing down.

Naked in the Snow (Poem)

If you’ll make Jehovah’s heart rejoice,
Then you will make your life’s best choice.
So help yourself now and you will grow;
Or else, you’ll stay naked in the snow!

Friendship (Poem)

True friends are like diamonds,
Precious but rare;
False friends are common stones,
Found everywhere.

Dalawahan / Doubles (Poem)

After many years pass,
Will your reply still be seasoned with salt?
Or will it be hotter than an oven,
All mildness gone?

Quicksand (Poem)

Now I cannot pull you for I’m only a man
Jehovah is the only person who can
But you need to pull yourself up, too
And leave all traces of quicksand behind you.”