(Photo: courtesy of Google Images) These past few days, the Philippines has been suffering from floods caused by the typhoon Maring (known internationally as “Trami”). My residence in Cainta is not exempted from being turned into a “Waterworld” scene. Fortunately for my household, the floodwaters have not entered our premises like it did in last […]

25 Things I Love

01. People call me by many, many, many nicknames, but I love being called Michelle. Few people call me Michelle. 02. I love learning other languages. I currently know Tagalog, English, Aklanon, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, American Sign, 3 Chinese phrases, 4 Russian phrases and now German. 03. I love writing and reading poems but only […]

A Content Soul

Watching shows like American Idol and hearing participants always say, “I want this more than anything in this world,” made me realize: I’ve never wanted anything that much. I mean, really! I can’t imagine myself saying, “I want ______ more than anything in this world!” I’m content with whatever comes along. I’m fine with failure and hurt and rejection. […]

Rumors, Peer Pressure, Among Other Things

If we stress ourselves with the things people say behind our back (or sometimes to our face), we’ll go crazy trying to explain to them what really is the truth or go nuts trying to fit in to what they want us to be. The best option really is… decide not to care… because those […]

The Tree

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tree in the middle of the forest. All the trees then could talk. She, however, was unique because she can move around. She never stopped bearing fruits so all of the people adored her. Many people from different countries who came to the forest were all fascinated […]

Lesson From Breakfast

I was in my mother’s office one morning in ADB about 2 years ago. I was waiting in line in the Egg Station of the cafeteria. I already have a cup of fried rice and a piece of beef longganisa (sausage) on my plate. Just one more and it’ll be perfect—a sunny-side up with the […]