Poem #14: GIFTS IN MEN

GIFTS IN MEN, 2007 (Ephesians 4:8; Hebrews 13:7)   Deserving of praise are men we know In deed and in word, love they do show Numerous people had been helped by these brothers Generous in giving aid to one another   Diligently trains others to stand up to the test Encourages young ones to give […]

Poem #13: PRETEND

                  Afflictions of sorts inside me thrive Sometimes wanting death even while I’m alive Other times, heightened feelings arrive In this vicious cycle, I rise and dive   My friends and family can’t truly understand But they do their best to give me a hand Still, my […]

Poem #12: Dalawahan (Doubles)

Sino sa inyo ang may kaalaman (Who of you know about) Sa larong badminton o sa tennis man? (The game badminton or tennis?) Ito’y mga larong pwedeng “isahan” (These are games that can be played “singles”) O kaya naman ay “pandalawahan”. (Or even “doubles”.)   Mayro’ng sapat na ang taglay na lakas (There are those […]

Poem #11: Lifeline

You’re sailing along a vast ocean In a great ship moving with caution Sturdily coursing through time and tide Though giant waves may hit every side   The Captain orders all of the crew To secure their Lifelines through and through For if they might get washed overboard Their souls will be saved by this […]

Poem #10: Quicksand

Across the vast desert you were walking Suddenly, you found yourself sinking You did not pay attention to the warning You did not look where you were going   You were slowly engulfed every hour You seemed so puny to its power The harder you fight, the faster you sink Alarm and confused, you couldn’t […]

Poem #9: Ordinary Miracles

Open the windows of your soul Let me show you what makes me whole Indoors or outdoors, it’s everywhere, you see Miracles as ordinary as can be   Take a glimpse of the leaves from trees There are patterns your eyes can seize See also the flowers in deep slumber Their petals have a definite […]