The Tree

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tree in the middle of the forest. All the trees then could talk. She, however, was unique because she can move around. She never stopped bearing fruits so all of the people adored her. Many people from different countries who came to the forest were all fascinated by her. She was very pleased with all this attention. She came to learn the languages of the people she met so people adored her more.


She was a cheerful tree. She was everything a person is, except for the fact that she is a tree, a special tree. She especially loved small children. Every day, children from all over gather around her to hear her interesting and funny stories. Some children sat on nearby rocks; some climbed her and sat on her sturdy branches. She taught them many things about the world, things she had learned from her conversations with her visitors.


Then, one day, she went out of the forest and into the villages. However, the old wise trees guarding the entrance to the village, who could also speak but not walk, saw her there and were not at all pleased to see her. She just ignored their disapproving looks and continued to visit the village every day.


Finally, the old wise trees told her not to visit the village anymore. They reasoned that it was downright unnatural for a tree to be visiting villages, let alone walking. The tree was hurt upon hearing this, but she said nothing and silently agreed to leave the village and go back to the middle of the forest. She thought to herself that they were indeed wise so she should better obey them.


On her way back, she met a traveler. She greeted him in her usual cheerful way. The man was startled and amazed at the same time to see a tree walking towards him. As she went on her way, the man followed her and filled her with flattery. When the man felt that he had gained her trust, he tested her by asking for some of her fruits and branches. She gladly obliged and bent down for the man to cut some fruits and branches of his choice. Then, the man went on and asked her if he could cut more. She agreed and the man did what he wanted. Then, after much more flattery, he again asked her if he could cut half of her. She reluctantly agreed to show gratitude for his praises but began having doubts about the man’s intentions.


Finally, the man asked if he could cut her down totally, but she firmly refused. The man angrily taunted her and told her she was the most foolish creature ever created. He tried to axe her, but she got away just in time. She ran and ran and cried her heart out. She ran into a cave, and there she wept most grievously. For days she stayed inside the cave and just wept. She wept until she got tired and fell asleep, but when she awoke, she started weeping again.


After some time, a man happened to pass by and heard her crying. He asked her what happened and consoled her. He promised to take care of her and never leave her. He brought her water every day and cheered her up. In time she soon became strong, and her branches and leaves started to grow again. Soon, she began bearing fruits again. She regained her strength and cheer.


Then, one day, the man left her. He reasoned that she no longer needed him and that he had his own life to live. She begged for him to stay as he had promised, but the man still left her. Her heart was crushed. Indeed, her trunk and branches were strong, but her heart was broken. She stopped bearing fruits. She just stood there, and time seemed to stand still. She could not think or feel anything but the throbbing pain inside her trunk. She stood there hoping that a woodcutter would come and cut her down. She hoped to die because she cannot kill herself and end her pain.


Finally, she started walking towards the village. She thought about the things that happened to her. She asked herself what she did wrong. She sought relief from her misery. Then, she happened to look up. It dawned on her. She immediately knew why she was hurting. She had forgotten her Creator. She had forgotten what His purpose was for her. She had been concentrated with getting the things that were not supposed to be hers that she lost focus of what she had to be doing. She had spent so much time mingling with people that she forgot she was a tree. She was created for the sole purpose of bearing fruits so that the seeds will become trees. She is also to provide shade from the scorching heat of the sun. She was designed to be mobile to reach far more people than the other trees. She was only to give fruits and only to receive people’s gratitude. Now, with a set mind, she set out to fulfill her grand purpose.


– written May 30, 2007 –

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