The Car

Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to buy a really good car. After waiting almost 10 years for a brand new car, he finally found a good car. He didn’t like its color and some other small features of the car at first but the engine was running smoothly and was in perfect condition.

The car’s Maker allowed him to borrow the car and test drive it before he decides to buy it. For about 5 months he had been test driving the car and it proved to have a really good engine in it. There were some minor problems but they were easily solved or repaired. So he finally decided that he wanted to buy the car.

After expressing to the car’s Maker that he wanted to buy the car, he was informed that the car was not brand new. It was previously owned by a reckless driver who left it with damages when he drove it off a cliff. Its engine was not damaged and was still in perfect condition. However, the car’s body was badly damaged. The car had already been repaired and restored. Only one more repair was needed and it will be good as new.

Still, the man was disappointed to know that the car had previously been owned, a very reckless owner at that. He was disappointed to know that the car had already been damaged in an accident. Who knows how many damages the car obtained even before the accident? Who knows who else owned that car before its previous owner? He wanted a brand new car, a car nobody else owned. The man felt cheated and was close to deciding not to buy the car anymore.

The car’s Maker, however, was very proud of the car he made. His car has already been subjected to intense and abusive use, but it had survived. It survived no matter how many damages it went through. It survived no matter how many people handled it with carelessness. He put a very good engine in it and it had proven itself through time and hardships. He would want the man to have the car because he knows he would take good care of the car unlike its previous owners. He knew the car will serve the man well. But of course, he could not control what the man will decide.

As for the man, he was contemplating hard about what to do. He really wanted the car for its engine had proven to be very good. It can serve him well wherever he would go, no matter the road, no matter the weather. He knew the car was worth his money. But whenever he remembered that the car was already second hand, that it was already damaged before, he got disappointed all over again. What was the man to do?

Now all the repairs on the car are complete, and not only is it good as new, it is better than it has ever been. It’s a pity though that the man decided not to buy the car. He returned the car to its Maker, but the Maker is not discouraged. He knows his car. He knows how good his car is. He knows there are plenty more suitable owners for the car who will take good care of it. But if it so happens no one takes the car, the Maker is not fretful. He knows his car will not go to waste and will be of service to him until the end of his car’s life.

by Michelle Joy Protacio, December 2010