MJ Lawson

Writer | Designer | Evangelizer

Web Design

I create beautiful and functional websites, either for commercial or for personal use

Online Stores

Sell your products online exclusively or as a complement to your existing physical shop


Take bookings or reservations online for your restaurant, accommodation, clinic, or salon


Showcase your talents and creations in your very own beautiful gallery-inspired display


Present clear and comprehensive information about your business and the services you provide

Your Questions Answered

I accept 2 kinds of web design work: redesigns and new designs.

Redesigns involve a website you already own but is outdated or not very user-friendly. My job is to bring your website up to the latest standards and to make sure it not only looks pretty but is also easy to use.

New Designs means you don’t have any website at all. My job is to make you a fresh, clean, and functional website your users will love. New Designs also includes the registration of your new domain name (your website’s address on the web) and shared web hosting (the space your website takes up on the web).

It depends. I either charge per hour or per project.

For continuous or indefinite work, I charge the following rates:

  • Website Redesign: AU$55/hour
  • Website New Design: AU$45/hour


For work with a set timeframe or deadline, the final contract price will depend on how much work will be involved and how long the whole project will approximately take to finish. You will receive a formal quote for the total contract price, as well as an approximate deadline.

NOTE: For New Designs, you will also be charged either monthly or yearly for your domain name registration and shared web hosting services.

Creating a new logo and other graphic elements specific to your brand, such as custom typography, custom images, or custom vector art, is separate to my Web Design services. That falls under my Graphic Design services and are charged separately.

I also do not offer “unlimited” revisions as this can very easily be abused. However, I will work with my clients until they are satisfied with the final outcome.

Unlike other full-time designers, I am a mother of four young children and I work from home. Therefore, I do not accept rush jobs.

It usually takes me around 3 to 6 weeks for Redesign work and around 2-4 weeks for New Design work. It depends on how much work is required on your website, how much content needs to be included (or condensed), and how fast you reply to me when I need additional information or finalisation.

Primarily, I use Stripe to accept credit/debit card payments. However, I also accept direct bank transfers if requested. No cash or cheques.

Each contract-based work will be broken down into stages. You may cancel any time, no questions asked. If you have paid in advance, you will receive a refund for each stage that is not yet completed.

A stage is marked as complete when you have approved it and have given permission to start the next stage.

Step 1: Send me an email with as much detail as you can about the work you would like me to do.

Step 2: I’ll send you a formal quote, including the different stages, your payment plan, and an approximate deadline.

Step 3: If you accept the quote, you pay the up-front Set Up Fees for Stage 1.

Step 4: Once payment is received, I will start working on each stage. At the end of each stage, I will submit the final product for your approval before proceeding to the next stage. I usually send an invoice at the completion of each stage unless you have chosen to make full payment in advance.

Graphic Design

I create logos, layouts, and other design elements for use on the web or in print


Your logo represents what you and your business stand for. It makes it easy for others to identify you.


A clean, organised layout prevents confusion and lays a good foundation for return customers


A picture paints a thousand words, right? Custom digital art can also say much about you or your brand


Fonts are not just pretty letters. They are essential to functionality and strengthening your brand.

Print Design

I create and print ready-to-use blanks or custom printed products to suit your taste