Quicksand (Poem)

Author’s Note: This post was originally written in 2009 before I was married and has been moved here from a personal blog I no longer use.

Across the vast desert you were walking
Suddenly, you found yourself sinking
You did not pay attention to the warning
You did not look where you were going

You were slowly engulfed every hour
You seemed so puny to its power
The harder you fight, the faster you sink
Alarm and confused, you couldn’t think

So many people have offered to assist
But you shunned and told them to desist
Because they love you, they still insisted
Because you’re haughty, you still resisted

Your heart was filled with guilt and pride
Because by the rules you did not abide
You are aware you didn’t follow the sign
Your feet did not walk along a straight line

Convinced yourself you could do this thing
But to fly out of there, you had no wing
For a moment, you stopped your struggling
You told yourself that this was your ending

But a Familiar Stranger hit you on the head
He called out to you, and this is what he said:
“Believe me I know what you’re going through
Back when I was young, I’ve been there, too

Full trust in Jehovah is what you must start
And know that God is greater than your heart
He knows all things you’re said and done
He can make your transgressions be gone

But if you don’t ask, how can He do so?
If not to Him, where else can you go?
If you don’t talk to Him, can there be trust?
Genuine repentance is also a must

Now I cannot pull you for I’m only a man
Jehovah is the only person who can
But you need to pull yourself up, too
And leave all traces of quicksand behind you.”

To this Familiar Stranger, my thanks I express
Because of his words, I’m no longer depressed
What has once burned out, I rekindled the flame
Jehovah’s approval I now strive to regain