MJ Lawson

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Poem: Baptism

Written a week before my own baptism as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses as I looked back at the journey it took me to decide on dedicating my life to my God Jehovah and publicly declaring it through water baptism.

(Tagalog version)
B-uhat sa mga Saksi ating narinig
A-ng tumpak na kaalaman mula sa kanilang bibig;
U-mabot sa ating puso kaya’t tayo’y nanampalataya;
T-anikala ng sanlibutan, tayo ay pinalaya;
I-sinagawa ang mga Kautusan at tayo’y nagsisi;
S-a kabila ng pag-uusig ay ating pinili
M-akumberte at iukol ang ating buhay;
O-o, kay Jehova, tayo ay nakaalay.

B-y the Witnesses’ mouths we have heeded
A-ccurate knowledge that is much needed;
P-lanted deep in our hearts, our faith didn’t dangle;
T-ook off the chains that had us entangled;
I-n sincerity we repented and obeyed His Laws;
S-till we persisted even when others oppose;
M-ind, heart, and soul completely converted;
S-urely to Jehovah our lives are dedicated.

What is baptism? Why does a person who claims to serve God need to be baptised? Does it really matter whether or not you are baptised? This article answers all these questions and more.