Poem #9: Ordinary Miracles

Open the windows of your soul

Let me show you what makes me whole

Indoors or outdoors, it’s everywhere, you see

Miracles as ordinary as can be


Take a glimpse of the leaves from trees

There are patterns your eyes can seize

See also the flowers in deep slumber

Their petals have a definite number


An infant in Mommy’s tummy

A foreign object it should be

Yet her body does not reject

Instead it nurtures and protects


The scary spider has beauty concealed

It’s quite obvious in every web she builds

She spins and weaves in an intricate way

With tough threads of silk that won’t ever fray


Every wound your body tries to seal

Your blood quickly clots then starts to heal

The immune system is your defender

Against any danger that might enter


A different world thrives underwater

Breath-taking sights you’d only wonder

The deepest point still teeming with life

All in order; no chaos or strife


Now who dare say with confidence

These are all mere coincidence?

Everywhere you look you’ll find evidence

None can deny Jehovah’s presence


I give all praise to Jehovah’s name

Without His works, life won’t be the same

To some, these may just be ordinary

To me, it’s as miraculous as can be!


– MJP (April 30, 2008)



Inspiration: Psalms 139: 14


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