Poem #8: What Does Love Mean

W-hether male or female, young or old

H-ow many love stories have often been told?

A- thousand, a million; it never really ends

T-o men and women is where love depends


D-azzled and dazed with passion and ecstasy

O-ver the edge, your mind is filled with fantasies

E-ncapsulated completely by these raging emotions

S-o vulnerable you are to this treacherous ocean


L-ove, if genuine, is not merely a feeling

O-nly with action can it show its true meaning

V-eracity, faithfulness, respect, humility

E-ndurance, selflessness, forgiveness, and chastity


M-en and women from all over must know

E-very trait must be polished for true love to show

A responsive reaction that compels you to act

N-ot just a feeling, this is a fact


– MJP (May 25, 2007)


Inspiration: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8


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