Poem #7: My First Love

I can still remember the day

As if it’s only yesterday

My mind and my heart have both been set

The very first time that we met


The more of Him I got to know

The more my love for Him just grows

Every day I feel His embrace

Protects me in so many ways


He makes me strong when I feel weak

When I’m troubled, it’s Him I seek

He dries my tears each time I weep

He helps me heal when I’m cut deep


He taught me how to cope with life

Not to end it all with a knife

He never leaves my side at all

He helps me up each time I fall


He provides everything I need

In my heart He planted a seed

It grew to be a sturdy tree

And with good fruits it bore to me


So now I fully give my heart and soul

Not just most of me but me as a whole

My first love is my only true love

His name is Jehovah, my God above


– MJP, 2007



Do you sometimes get the feeling that God doesn’t love or care about you because of your overwhelming problems? You are not alone. I used to feel that way, too. To find out what helped me not to feel that way anymore, please click here.