Poem #6: My Armor

I’m sick and tired of this feeling;

I’m always in a state of healing.

After a wound heals, another follows;

I wish my heart will just be hollow.


And yet I continue loving

Even though my heart kept breaking.

And I still kept on trusting

Though they keep on betraying.


I’ve always treated people I meet kindly;

I gave them my smile, my heart, and hospitality.

I gave them all that I could give;

I’d even give my life so that another lives.


My friends and family lifts me when I’m down,

They cheer me up and never let me frown.

You might say I have a mighty valor,

The truth is I’m weak, but I have a strong armor.


But it is not made of metal nor wood;

My Armor is Jehovah, my God who is good!


– MJP (July 29, 2006)


Inspiration: Psalms 33:20


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