Poem #3: Naked In The Snow

You lose the feeling of your body,

You feel nothing and you are lonely,

Growing numb as time passes you by,

Moaning in pain as if you would die


You have nothing on to keep you warm,

No one who would hold you in his arms,

Nothing to make the coldness go away,

Instead, you shiver in the snow all day


Everything is so distant and cold.

Oh, the Sun, if only you could hold

Its warm rays like you’re in a beach,

But everything’s out of your reach.


Sadly, there is no one to save you.

Nothing there to help you; nothing new

The same old things, nothing to add spice;

No one who’d break these shackles of ice;


Everything is so monotonous,

You grow more and more oblivious

Of things like the Sun, the Earth, the Sea;

The same barren white snow you will see


All is hopeless and miserable,

Your body ever vulnerable;

The little strength you have is fading,

Your body and mind are both ailing


I pity you, Oh, Forlorn One!

To oblivion has gone the Sun

For there is only snow far and wide

And you have no one there by your side.


But, please, do not fret, my lonely Friend

Jehovah is here who’ll be your Best Friend.

He’s my God who can be your God, too!

Also, I am now here to help you.


All you have to do is get Knowledge,

But not the kind you learn in college.

Learn about Jehovah and His Son

And be grateful for what They have done.


Jesus, His Son, gave us His own Life

To free us from the Sin of Adam and his Wife

Jesus is the World’s Greatest Teacher.

He is also a zealous preacher.


You would do well to follow His lead

And Jah will take care of your every need.

Read the Bible and extend your Love,

So you can have blessings from above.


If you’ll make Jehovah’s heart rejoice,

Then you will make your life’s best choice.

So help yourself now and you will grow,

Or else, you’ll stay naked in the snow!


– MJP, 2005


Inspiration: Proverbs 27:11







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