Poem #11: Lifeline

You’re sailing along a vast ocean

In a great ship moving with caution

Sturdily coursing through time and tide

Though giant waves may hit every side


The Captain orders all of the crew

To secure their Lifelines through and through

For if they might get washed overboard

Their souls will be saved by this strong cord


At last, a great wave pounded the ship

And through lapse in judgment you did slip

You’re falling down to the raging sea

But before you plunged, there was safety


Secured by the cord around your waist

You’re safe for a while, though rather fazed

You now have two choices left to try

Pull yourself up or let go and die


Saving you is the Captain’s mission

Letting go is a fool’s decision

Sadly, many choose to cut their cord

Back to the ship they refuse to board


But pulling yourself up you did choose

Every bit of strength is what you use

Though you’re alone and under hardship

The Captain helps you back to His ship


To go back, you need hard work and time

But once hoisted up you feel sublime

You’re overwhelmed by sheer gratitude

Your heart conveys humbled attitude


Aboard the ship you’re soaked to the bone

It’s fine ’cause you’re no longer alone

You’re surrounded by welcoming crew

Having overflowing love for you


I’ll always thank my Captain’s mercy

In His service, I will keep busy

And no matter how my life been

I know my lifeline is Discipline


– MJP (November 3, 2011)


Inspiration: Proverbs 4:13 and the movie “Treasure Planet” by Disney





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