Poem #1: Friendship

A shoulder to cry on,

Or a call on the phone,

Keeping you company

When you’re all alone


Inspiration, encouragement,

Trust, love, and care,

Are the virtues that friends

Will be happy to share


Special moments shared

When you are together,

That both of you will cherish,

In all your lives forever


True friends are like diamonds,

Precious but rare;

False friends are common stones,

Found everywhere.


There are changes to happen,

Physically, or maybe emotionally,

But true friendship will never change,

It will last for all eternity.


– MJP, 2003


Inspiration: Your Youth: Getting the Best Out of It (ch.8, p.63, par.16)

* Published by Jehovah’s Witnesses but now out of print.




(This was the first poem I have ever written when I was in 3rd year high school as a seat work in my English class)


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