Poem #2: Once Upon A Dream

Once upon a dream, I met a girl

The mere sight of her made my eyes twirl

Birds were singing, skies were blue

Sunlight was shining through


Beneath our feet was sugary sand

We strolled as we held each other’s hand

Her heartbeat was in tune with mine

Indeed, our souls were intertwined


The gentle breeze brought forth elation

To our spirits, it caused a sensation

For hours, we talked and talked

For miles, we walked and walked


We lost track of the hands of the clock

As we watched the waves splash on the rocks

My heart is now filled with glee

For in her eyes there is love I see


The sun said goodbye as we sat on the shore

Each moment that passed, I love her more

She looked at me, her eyes so warm

I smiled as I held her in my arms


But as I leaned forward to kiss her

I woke up and it’s all over

My dream had ended and away it flew

I do hope that it would soon come true


Once upon a dream, I met a girl

Who was as beautiful as a pearl

We walked and talked; made fun together

But now I’m sad, she’s gone forever


Broken-hearted, I sat on my bed

“Who’s this girl I will surely wed?”

I asked that question a few years ago

Then, you answered it when you said, “Hello!”


You told me, “Silly as it seems,

I’ve met you before, once upon a dream!”

I’m so happy with what you’ve told me

My dream has now come to be


I thought I had lost you forever

But here you are; now we’re together

A part of our dream had always been true

Once upon a dream, I loved you.


– MJP, 2004

Inspiration: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (written by request from a male classmate trying to impress his girlfriend)

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