Lesson from Breakfast

Author’s Note: This post was originally written in 2012 before I was married and has been moved here from a personal blog I no longer use.

My mum works for an international non-commercial bank and they have a wonderful cafeteria. It was a foodie’s wonderland! I always loved it whenever my mum brought me with her to her office.

She always has tons of paperwork to do and sometimes she gets me to do the filing of the documents in chronological order for her. My wage has always been to be free to get absolutely whatever I want to eat. Even after entering the workforce myself and earning my own money, nothing will ever beat my mum’s “payment” to me.

About 2 years ago, I was at the cafeteria again for breakfast and I was waiting in line in the “Egg Station” holding my tray. You can order any kind of egg dish in this station—eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, any kind of omelette, etc.

I already had a cup of garlic fried rice and a piece of beef longganisa (sausage) on my plate. Just one more and it’ll be perfect—a sunny-side up egg with the yolk still intact and moist. I love breaking the yolk when I start eating and spread it onto my fried rice like a sauce.

My turn came to order. I told the chef, “Kuya, one sunny-side up, please.” He started cooking my order. He got one egg from the basket and cracked it onto the oiled hot griddle. Sadly, the perfectly round yolk broke when it landed on the griddle. I was devastated. There goes the joy of poking the yolk on my plate. Oh, well, at least it’s still moist.

Then, the most disappointing thing happened. He flipped the egg over!

I almost cried as I watched my dreams of pouring the yolk all over my fried rice come crashing down.

I exclaimed, “OH NOOO!! I wanted the yolk to be intact and moist.”

He replied, “I’m sorry, I’ll make you another one. I’ll just discard this.”

I quickly said, “No! Don’t do that. Sayang! (Don’t waste it!) No matter what happened to it, it’s still an egg. It’s still my egg.”

He said, “It’s alright. We can replace it with a new one and I’ll cook it the way you like it.”

I replied, “No, it’s okay. I still want it. Laman-tiyan pa rin ‘yan. (It’s still going to fill my belly regardless.)”

So he put in on my plate and I walked towards the table where my mum was sitting waiting for me.


Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned. Things can interfere with and change our plans—human error (the chef), unforeseen circumstances, accidents, imperfection (the egg itself), trials (the hot griddle).

Sometimes the persons or things that come into our lives aren’t exactly the way we wanted them to be. But that doesn’t mean their value is less or lost. We would like to have a friend who’s this and that, a husband who’s this and that, a daughter who’s this and that, a phone that’s this and that.

Each person wants a different thing. Some want sunny-side ups, some fried eggs, some scrambled, some poached, some eggs Benedict, some omelette. We get disappointed when we get otherwise. Some get rubbery, some get burnt, some are too runny, some are too salty, some are bland.

It’s not wrong to want something good and beautiful. That’s how Jehovah God designed us—to appreciate beauty and good qualities. But let us remember, we are all roses and we all have thorns, but God loves us anyway. He looks for the good in us and focuses on that. That’s how God loves us.

Can we cultivate that kind of love for our fellow humans and brothers and sisters to accept and love them as they are?

Would differences and faults really matter if those persons are striving to serve Jehovah God with all that they have?

Would their past wrongs and mistakes still matter if they have already repented and stopped doing it?

Will we be quick in judging them because their “yolk got broken” or they got “flipped over”?

Will we keep rehashing their past mistakes and view them as not worthy of trust, respect, and acceptance anymore?

Will we be quick to “discard” them easily and replace them with someone “cooked just the way we want”?

Would we want Jehovah to view and treat us that way?

 If errors were what you watch, O Jah,

Then who, O Jehovah, could stand?

For with you there is true forgiveness,

So that you may be held in awe.

Psalms 130:3-4