Price Range: $750-$3,500

I can build websites using different kinds of methods depending on the needs of the client, including new domain name registration and new web hosting.

For most websites, I primarily use WordPress to get clients up and running with their new website in no time at all but I can also code from scratch. (WordPress is free and widely used and supported by other web developers and designers. I prefer to use it when possible to save time in building a website. The end result and experience for you and your website’s users are practically the same whether it’s a WordPress website or coded from scratch.)

You might hear from others trying to “pride” themselves that they don’t use WordPress and always code from scratch. Well, good on them. Coding from scratch equals lots and lots of labour. Lots and lots of labour equals very expensive. They have every right to charge however much they charge because custom coding is pretty hard yakka.

Let me put it into perspective for you: WordPress is like pizza dough. I know how to make pizza dough from scratch but I prefer to use a pizza dough already made by expert pizza dough makers that I have tried and tested to be really good. It saves me time and effort on mixing, waiting, proofing, kneading, flipping, etc. I just need to make the delicious base sauce (content) and put the toppings on top (pretty design).


Price Range: $1,750-$5,000

I can do website renovations—take existing websites (usually non-mobile-friendly or outdated) and turn them into an up-to-date and responsive website able to be viewed comfortably on smaller screens.

This is my favourite and at the same time least favourite project to do. I hate it because it’s messy and complicated at the start since it’s an already existing website. I love it because at the end when all that hard work has paid off, the ugly duckling will have been now turned into a swan.

SIDE TIP: Since I’ve mentioned about pizza making, you can resurrect an old stale pizza, too! Take your stale slice of pizza, place it in an oven-safe plate or pan, sprinkle a bit of water on top (this creates steam to reinvigorate the dough), add a bit more sauce or toppings if you like, and bake for about 10 minutes or so at 350°C. Enjoy while it’s hot!


Sometimes, all a website needs is a facelift. When there’s nothing wrong with the structure of the website, all it needs is the content and design to be updated. This can involve re-writing the website’s copy/text elements, removing unnecessary elements that clutter instead of enhance, optimise images to increase the website’s loading speed, re-thinking colour block choices for better user experience, etc.


This can involve just a logo design/redesign, edit photos or videos used on your website, add a landing page, or any other minor adjustment.