Poem #5: Alone

In the middle of chaos

You’d find yourself lost

Where the flame of hope

Is what you need the most


But the hope you seek

Is nowhere to be found

Everything is still and quiet

Only your breath will sound


Despair fills your heart

And in agony you weep

But the pain won’t go away

Even when you sleep


At the top of your voice

You call out for anyone

Who can take you and save you

And yet there is no one


Suddenly, the ground quakes

It fills you up with fear

Heaven shines its light upon you

A great voice you hear:


“Be not afraid, my child,

And take my right hand.

Come with me and learn;

Do as I command.


Be wise, my beloved child,

Make my heart rejoice.

Answer him who is taunting me

By making me your choice.


I promise you from this day forth

I will never leave your side

If you will promise me

By my Laws you will abide.


Worry not if you should fall

For I know your limitations;

Just keep on standing up,

Keep on walking with my Nation.


Fill yourself with knowledge

I have provided in the Bible;

Teach others what you’ve learned

As did my Son’s disciples.


You will have nothing to fear

If it is me you trust.

Always keep on talking to me;

Prayer is a must.”


This is the voice of Jehovah

Talking to you from His throne.

If you take His hand and love Him,

Then you will never again be alone.


– MJP, 2007


Inspiration: Isaiah 41:13 and Proverbs 27:11



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