About MJ Lawson

MJ is originally from Manila, Philippines. She studied Nursing in uni but ended up being an English teacher and a freelance e-book writer for a bit over 8 years. She lived in Manila from birth until right before she got married.

She and her Aussie husband PK got married and lived in Palawan, Philippines, about a kilometre from the beach and literally next door to the Kingdom Hall. They are both JWs and both got baptised in their teens.

At first, they decided to live in the Philippines long-term. However after learning that she was pregnant with their first child, they made the decision to move back to Australia. They have had a girl and a boy since then, and she is currently very pregnant with their 3rd child.

They currently live right in the heart of NSW, far from any beach or fresh seafood (or moisture for that matter).

She is a certified foodie and loves to cook and eat Asian food, especially Filipino cuisine of course. She also enjoys sewing and creating all sorts of crafts and clothing for her family and friends.

She started this personal blog as a way of expressing herself as she is passionate about writing and also as a way of sharing to others if only in some small way she could be of any help through her blog posts or through the items she made available in the shop.

“May this website be a source of ideas, fun, and encouragement”