A Spiritually Wonderful Chat

This is a conversation in Skype between me and my student’s mom last night, December 12 from 7:40pm to 11:00pm.

Teacher Michelle:  Good evening Paul!

Are you there?

07:40pm Paul:  I’m Paul’s mom.

M:  Oh, good evening.

Can Paul have a class with me today?

P:  I asked for delay for today’s class.

M:  Really?

Ohh.. They didn’t tell me about it.

I’m sorry.

So will he and I have a class tomorrow?

P:  He has to go to church.

Maybe he will not be available.

M:  I see.

Paul told me that he can’t have a class with me tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.

Is that true?

P:  No, Friday is okay.

He doesn’t go to church on Wednesday and Friday.

M:  Okay, I see.

Thank you for telling me.

I will call him again on Friday.

Thanks! Have a nice night.

The moon is beautiful tonight.. ^^

P:  It’s very cold outside ^^

A few days ago it snowed a lot.

Have you ever seen snow?

M:  No. 🙁

Just the “snow” from the freezer of our refrigerator. LOL

P:  Someday visit Korea in winter to see snow.

M:  Haha~ I hope I can endure the winter cold.

The coldest temperature in the Philippines was only 10’C

P:  Really??

It’s not that cold, only a little cold.

In Korea, the temperature now is 1’C

I’m afraid I can’t endure the hot weather.

M:  Haha~ That one I can.

You should NOT visit the Philippines during the summer in March to June.

The usual temperature during summer here is about 37’C

P:   I can’t imagine.

How about other months?

M:  July to October are rainy seasons.

It rains almost everyday.

The best time for you to come here is during December to February.

P:  Thanks for you tip.

To be honest I wanna go to the Philippines.

M:  Then I’m inviting you! ^^

If you come here during summer, you should go to Baguio because it’s cold there.

P:  I know Baguio.

You live in Baguio?

M:  No, I don’t like Baguio because it’s so cold there.

If you like the beach, October/November is the best time to go to the beach here.

I can also tip you on some promo airfares for a cheaper return flight to Korea.

P:  Are you a tour guide on the side?

M:  Hahahahahaha~ No, I’m just an online English teacher who travels a lot. ^^

P:  I see. I envy you.

My dream in the future is to travel around the world with my spouse.

But physically, I’m not strong.

I feel tired easily.

M: That’s okay.

I get tired easily too because I have a heart problem since I was born.

But I love traveling.

When I get tired, I just rest a bit and I’m okay again.

P:  You are so courageous.

In spite of having heart problem, you enjoy adventure.

Do you have any religion?

M: Yes, I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Maybe you know us.

P:  I know well.

In Korea, yeo-ho-wa-ui jeung-in.

Many Christian told me they are heresy???

M:  Yes, we are known in Korea because Korean men don’t do military service.

Our reason for that is we are politically neutral.

We don’t support wars so we don’t train for war.

P:  It’s very controversial.

From when do you believe?

M:  From when? You mean what age?

P:  Yep.

M:  Well, my mom always taught me since I was inside her belly.

But I was baptized when I was 17 in 2005.

P:  I see, before you were born.

M:  I always believed since I started to think on my own.

But I respect what others believe in.

P:  I’m Christian.

M:  Me, too.

P:  I believe in God like you.

M:  That’s wonderful!

P:  We believe in God in the same Bible.

M:  I see.. Are you using KJV? or GNB? or other?

P:  NIV (New International Version)

M:  Aha.. I see..

We use the NWT (New World Translation)

P:  NWT?? I’ve never heard about that.

M:  What else do you believe in? Do you believe in heaven and hell?

P:  Definitely yes!

Honestly, sometimes I’m afraid.

M:  Afraid of what?

P:  Hell.. the Devil.. darkness.. fear.. torture.. screams.. viper.. endless agony.. pain.. etc..

M:  I see. Do you believe God tortures bad people in hell when they die?

P:  I don’t think so.

God gave us free will.

Anyway, the way hell looks like scares me.

M:  If you read Romans 6:23, you will not be scared anymore.

P:  But many people say that perspectives are different.

M:  Yes, but that verse has no other interpretation.

It’s a direct statement.

P:  To be honest, I think a faithful life is not easy.

M:  I agree! It’s soooooo hard!

Because the Devil wants us to be bad like him so he is making our life very difficult.

P:  I can’t tell what is right or wrong, about heresy.

Have you ever experienced the devil?

M:  Maybe yes, maybe no.

I can’t see the devil so I’m not sure.

But I know he’s always around to make us do bad things.

P:  I know, I was just wondering.

I wanna have strong faith.

M:  Have you tried reading the whole Bible?

P:  I tried to but it’s difficult to understand some part.

M:  Yes, especially the last book Revelation.

P:  Yes, it’s like a secret document.

M:  Do you know God’s personal name?

P:  Yahweh?

M:  That’s right.

When you pray to God, do you use his personal name?

P:  No, when I pray to God I call him Father.

M:  I see, but there are many fathers, right?

So we have to be specific when we pray.

It’s like sending a letter to the president.

We write the president’s personal name on the envelope.

If we write only PRESIDENT, the letter will get lost because there are many presidents.

Same for prayers, our prayers might get lost if we don’t use God’s personal name.

P:  Do you think so?

God created all of us.

God is almighty.

Is it important to know his personal name?

M:  Yes! You can’t have stronger faith if you don’t know and use his name.

In Romans 10:13, it says “Everyone who calls on the name of God will be saved.”

If you don’t call God by his name, how can you be saved?

P:  I think we can be saved by faith through Jesus Christ.

M:  Even a pet cat has a name.

You call a cat by its name because that cat is close to your heart.

Don’t you think God is more important than a cat?

P:  Nothing is more important than God.

M:  So if you call your cat by its name, don’t you think we should call God by his name too?

P:  I think you’re not wrong but..

M:  It’s still your decision.

For me, I believe name is important to have a strong relationship whether it’s with an animal, a human, or God.

P:  Of course name is important.

In the Bible, we can see the importance of name, especially in the Old Testament.

M:  That’s right!

Just try using God’s name when you pray.

If it still doesn’t make you have stronger faith, then you can stop using his name.

Nothing bad will happen if you try.

P:  Interrelationship between salvation and calling his personal name.

The question is rising.

M:  It’s not only about salvation.

It’s about having a closer relationship with God by using his personal name.

P:  It’s not related to salvation?

M:  It’s related but NOT ONLY to salvation.

It’s related to 2 things: salvation and having closer relationship with God.

P:  I see, I can understand what you mean.

Do you believe in the son of God, Jesus Christ?

M:  Yes, very much.

P:  Really?

M:  Yes, of course!

We are also Christians so we believe in Jesus Christ that he is the Son of God.

And that we can only be saved if we put faith in the ranson sacrifice.

P:  I heard you don’t accept the trinity.

M:  Trinity, no we don’t accept it.

But we believe God and Jesus.

We believe that they are two different persons.

One is the Father, the other is the Son.

One is higher than the other.

P:  I feel confused.

How about holy spirit?

God, Jesus Christ, Jesus’ spirit, holy spirit.

M:  Yes, we believe in the holy spirit.

But we don’t believe it is a person.

We believe it is God’s active force that he uses.

It does not have feelings but it’s very powerful.

P:  In here we have different theology.

I learned about the trinity since I was young like you.

But I respect your faith.

M:  Thank you. I respect yours, too.

P:  The other day, my sister’s boss.. She has the same faith like you.

M:  Oh, really??? Wow! That’s nice.

P:  She has a strong faith and was nice.

M:  I’m happy to hear that. ^^

P:  In her office there are a few believers.

M:  If you can, please let them know I am sending my hello from the Witnesses in the Philippines.

What kind of office is it?

P:  Yes..

They have high morality, correct?

M:  Thank you.

Yes, correct. ^^

P:  Fire insurance.

M:  Aha……… I see..

P:  My sister told me they have a lot of good points.

High morality, strong faith in God, passion for God’s Word, something like that..

M:  I’m happy they are good points. ^^

P:  Do you read the Bible everyday?

M:  Honestly, no.

I read it about 5x a week.

P:  Wow! Great!

I try to but I do aerobics in the morning.

M:  I see, how about in the evening?

P:  I’m busy.

I’m giving excuses to you.

M:  Haha~ Sometimes I give excuses too when I forget to read.

P:  Hahaha!

Have you experienced God in person?

M:  Well, I have felt God’s love for me many many many times. ^^

P:  Really?

God loves you very much.

M:  Yes, I believe so. I can feel his love for me every day, especially when I’m sad.

P:  And you’re so beautiful.

Do many people say that?

M:  Haha~ Thank you.

Yes, some people say that, too.

But I think all who love God are beautiful. ^^

P:  That’s right.

When I saw you for the first time, I thought you were so beautiful.

M:  Thank you. ^^

You look young for your age.

When I saw your picture, I thought you were just 19 years old.

P:  No, I’m 38.

I’m not young anymore.

Most Koreans have a baby face.

M:  Yes, that’s true.

And your son Paul has a baby voice.

When I first talked to him, I thought he was only 5 years old.

He doesn’t sound like he’s 13.

P:  OMG Hahaha~

How old are you? If you don’t mind..

M:  I’m 24 ^^

P:  Wow! Very young!

Will you get married to the same believer?

M:  Yes, I will choose a fellow believer but I have no plan yet to get married.

P:  You should, right?

M:  Yes, right because if not, we will always fight about our different faith.

And when we have children, our children will be confused what to believe, me or my husband.

Oh, it’s already past midnight!

You should take a rest.

P:  Happy to talk to you! ^^

M:  Me, too! It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

Thank you very very much for the wonderful conversation. ^^

P:  Even if we don’t have the same faith, I respect you and if I wanna have a question, I will ask you.

Good night!

Thank you and bye

M:  Thank you!

I respect you, too.

Feel free to ask me any question. ^^

Please read this to ease your fears……. Proverbs 3:24-26