A Content Soul

Watching shows like American Idol and hearing participants always say, “I want this more than anything in this world,” made me realize:

I’ve never wanted anything that much. I mean, really! I can’t imagine myself saying, “I want ______ more than anything in this world!”

I’m content with whatever comes along. I’m fine with failure and hurt and rejection. I’ve been through tough times. (Believe me, they were tough!) There was a time we lived in squalor. The place where I was born was full of drug addicts, prostitutes, drunkards, a modern-day “Sodom and Gommorah”. We ate lugaw (porridge) twice a day because it was only what we could afford at the time. We once lived in a house no bigger than the CR (toilet) of Jollibee. We had rats as big as cats running around the house. I played around with other kids near the stinky estero (sewer). I experienced things no little girl nor woman should ever have to experience. People I trusted did bad things to me. I suffer from bipolar (mood) disorder, over which I have totally no control. My moods are as untamable as the ocean. I attempted to kill myself twice because of depression and desperation. I had my heart broken countless times (not just because of other people, but also because of my own stupidity and stubbornness).

However, no big deal! I admit at the moment it seemed like it was the end of my world. But I’m still here. I survived. I’m still running. Through all the things I suffered, I learned contentment, patience, long-suffering, kindness, self-control, endurance, perseverance, optimism, persistence, peace, discipline, wisdom beyond my years, joy, faith, and genuine love. And knowing this wicked system of things is soon to end and be replaced with “a new heavens and a new earth” governed by God’s Kingdom gives me hope.

Besides, I already have what I need and want: chocolate, numerous talents and skills, love (does not necessarily mean “romantic” love), happiness, inner peace, faith, mercy, encouragement, loving parents, a “little” brother to fight with every now and then, friends who love me like I’m part of their family, and faith-strengthening brothers and sisters in the congregation. On the top of the list, of course, is Jehovah my God. If not for Him, I would have lived in this world for only 13 years. Instead, he has added 13 more years to my life. Now I’m 26 years old (and counting). I would never have met my best friend now and numerous other true friends I hold dear to my heart. He regularly fills me with nutritious spiritual food that always fills my soul and keeps me going. He holds me close to his bosom and never lets go of my hand, even when I feel like I want to give up the fight. He continually proves to be my Father, my God, and my Friend. So, yeah… I do have everything I need right now… ♥

“Peace does not mean to be in a world where there is no chaos or strife. Peace means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”


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