25 Things I Love

01. People call me by many, many, many nicknames, but I love being called Michelle. Few people call me Michelle.

02. I love learning other languages. I currently know Tagalog, English, Aklanon, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, American Sign, 3 Chinese phrases, 4 Russian phrases and now German.

03. I love writing and reading poems but only those that rhyme.

04. I love taking my time eating, chewing thoroughly before swallowing and really savoring the flavors of what I’m eating. That’s why I’m always the last one to finish eating. Haha!

05. I love sketching memories. Memories that make an impact on me, I draw them on paper from a mental “snapshot”. I have a photographic memory.

06. Even though I say I hate Math, I actually love Math, but ONLY if I understand the formula because Math is an exact science. There may be many ways to find the answer, but there’s only one answer. There’s only one truth. That’s what makes Mathematics beautiful. ^_^

07. I love singing. ^_^

08. I love HOT PINK. I don’t like the lighter shades of pink. I like the really intensely deep shade of pink. It’s still girly but more mature.

09. I love looking at people’s smiles. It’s universal. You don’t need language to understand a smile and smile back. ^_^ If I would go blind, my friends’ smiles are the first ones I’m going to miss seeing.

10. I love Korean food. They fit just right with my palate. Sweet, spicy, flavorful, nice.

11. I love chocolate!!!! Although caffeine is off limits for me because of my heart problem, I still sneak a bite or two of something chocolate. Just enough to satiate my craving but not enough to make my heart palpitate. I don’t like dark chocolate and white chocolate though, except KitKat Dark and KitKat White.

12. I love the age I’m currently in. When I was 17, I loved being 17. Now that I’m 25, I love being 25. Not too young, not too old. 😉

13. I love tiny things. I collect seashells smaller than a grain of rice. I take close-up pictures of really small insects, baby crabs, baby slugs, other baby animals. Many people are unaware of these things because they are small and seemingly insignificant. I think there is more beauty in small things. You can see the awesome skill of the Creator in how much detail he puts in such tiny creatures.

14. I actually love my thick hair. Even though I keep complaining when it gets unruly and really frizzy, but I love how I can just use my fingers to comb it even when it’s so ‘buhaghag‘. It never tangles. But it can get pretty heavy when I let it grow long. Plus, it consumes a lot of shampoo and conditioner, and it takes a really long time to get it dried. The longest I can bear it is up to my waist.

15. I love giving gifts I made with my own hands impulsively to people I’m currently fond of, especially children I’m really close to. A handmade bag, a handmade wallet, a handmade necklace, a handmade dress, a handmade card, homemade personalized cookies, a hand-carved wooden jar, etc.

16. I love wearing black. Most of the clothes/dresses I have are black. It’s classic and you can spice it up with vibrant colors. It’s a very good canvas.

17. I love wearing bright colored shoes. I love flat ballerina shoes and leather boots.

18. I love to laugh. I love hearing babies laughing. I love hearing really heartfelt laughter.

19. I love sweet-smelling perfumes, particularly Vanilla Lace of Victoria’s Secret Garden. I love chocolatey or marshmallowey scents.

20. I love white flowers. They look so clean and pure. I love white roses, in particular.

21. I love music. I love jazz and rock and slow rock and RNB and classical and mellow music. I love listening to songs played live. I especially love our Kingdom Songs. I love Songs 130, 85, 7, and 75.

22. I love movies. I love comedies, Korean romantic comedies, inspirational movies, action comedies, historical movies, and ANIMATION!!!!

23. I love traveling with my mom. Although we are fighting a lot during the trip, but she’s the best travel buddy for me. She’s game for anything. Even though she screams our ears off while crossing a 2-meter long plank from the boat to the pier, she still completes the task at hand….. after 30 minutes of screaming, that is a rate of about 7cm per minute. Hahahahahahaha!!

24. I love listening to or reading stories. I love talking to old people because they have unlimited supply of stories. You just have to bear with the repeated lines every now and then but their stories are golden. I also love listening to kids talk about their day, their toys, the things that seem so important to them but to adults would seem just nonsense. So few people actually listen to children so I make it a point to take time to listen to them even when it seems unimportant for me.

25. I love being in the Kingdom Hall. Whether there’s a meeting or none, I just love being at the Kingdom Hall. It calms my heart and nerves. It’s the best place in the world for me. I feel much closer to Jehovah when I’m inside His Kingdom Hall.

(I didn’t include “writing” anymore because obviously, my fingers are very “talkative”. Haha! The very existence of this blog is proof of that.)